Air Quality

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Axens actively contributes to a cleaner environment and improving the quality of our air. This contribution is achieved through our offers to the refining, petrochemical, gas treatment and catalyst markets. Here are some examples:

clean fuels production

Axens is considered to be a benchmark company in clean fuels technology, meeting the most stringent regulations. Clean fuels production is a key step for air quality improvement particularly through the reduction of motor vehicle emissions. We provide the refining industry with hydrotreatment technologies and associated catalysts which reduce sulfur in gasoline or diesel to less than ten parts per million.
Prime-D, Prime-G+, Benfree

Sulfur removal from Claus tail gas and natural gas

Axens is a world-leading supplier of Claus catalysts for refining, natural gas and condensate sulfur recovery units for converting hydrogen sulfide, a toxic component in refinery tail gas or natural gas, into high quality sulfur which is used for products such as fertilizer. Among the most active available, these catalysts feature remarkably long service lives. Our products contribute to air quality improvement worldwide.
TGT, Claus

Natural gas and condensate purification

Downstream from the wellhead, natural gas needs to be treated to meet environmental and downstream processing requirements. Natural gas and condensates can contain toxic materials like arsenic and mercury whose concentrations must be reduced to parts-per-billion levels. Axens’ processes and adsorbents enable these levels to be reached and, moreover, the recovery of these contaminants for their controlled disposal rather than releasing them to the environment.
Mercury Removal from gases, Mercury and Arsenic Removal from Hydrocarbons liquid & gas