Axens’ Management is committed to continuous improvement of company operations and to maintaining the confidence of our customers, shareholders, employees and the community. In meeting this commitment, Axens is engaged in:

  • Risk management
  • Environmental preservation
  • Ensuring technical and human credibility

Risk management

Accident rates at plants operated by Axens are amongst the lowest in our industry. A continuous review of procedures ensures that processes are evaluated to remove potential operating risks, enhance the protection of employees, and ensure the safety of local businesses and the community.

Environmental preservation

In accord with Company Policy, Axens has considerably reduced atmospheric emissions and waste streams at its production plants and continues its substantial investment in these areas.

Ensuring technical and human credibility

The Axens Management System is designed to guide its managers in pursuit of more effective, reproducible and coherent supervision of company procedures and decisions concerning Quality, Hygiene, Safety and Environment so as to constantly improve the overall company performance.

Axens has organized its Management System according a three-level Management Process:

  • The purpose of the Management Processes is to direct the Company through its decision-making personnel. Its Continuous Improvement Process aims to increase reliability and over-all performance of the Company. This enables and ensures constant optimization of its operations, notably by means of improvement forms issued by employees and by analysis of customer feedback
  • The Execution Processes track the entire path for marketing a process and for product and service orders. They contribute directly to meeting the explicit and implicit needs and demands of clients
  • As suppliers of resources, the Support Processes have an upstream role in market intelligence or contribute to the progress of execution processes